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Patio Doors

Safestyle UK's range of sliding patio doors are a fantastic way to bridge the gap between your house and garden.

Get in touch for a no-obligation quote to see how cheap our uPVC patio doors are: they're a great investment and in the summertime they really open up your home for barbecues and garden parties!

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Design & Performance

Our patio doors are designed to slide open easily, meaning they occupy less space than a hinged door. They provide a great window on your garden outside - as well as letting more natural sunlight into your home. As well as their attractive appearance, they also serve the handy function in helping you get in and out of your garden more easily!

Energy Efficient

Not only do they let the sunlight in, but our double glazed patio doors keep the heat trapped in too. The air barrier between the two panes of glass acts as a great insulator that keeps warmth from leaking out of your house in the winter, saving you money on your heating bills. They also help to reduce the noise you'll hear from outside - great if you have kids playing in the garden all summer!

Safety & Security

Double glazed patio doors may look like an inviting window in your house, but in fact the glass is incredibly tough for an intruder to shatter - and our doors feature high-security multi-point locks along the frame that resist break-in attempts. When you buy from Safestyle, you can feel reassured that we take your home security just as seriously as you do.

Colour Options

Our patio doors come in a variety of finishes for all kinds of homes. Choose from classic white, which provides a clean and modern effect, the traditional appearance of oak, or luxurious rich rosewood, as well as a selection of handle finishes for even more design choices.

The Safestyle Guarantee

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